Civilian Movement for Ministries or Departments of Peace in the World

Simonetta Costanzo


On the 13th of May, 2008, Mr. Federico Mayor Zaragoza1 publishes an article in one of the mainstream newspapers of Spain: La Vanguardia, titled “Ministries for Peace”. In it he says: “With the new millennium the force of reason is expanding in a way that seems unstoppable in these next years, the conscience of the citizens' power, that pacifically, but firmly, will give in to submission towards the arbitrary designs of power. The force of reason against the reason of force, guided by the great universal values and not by the law of market, to return to humanity the reins of its destiny. It is this new citizenship that is capable of moving, with firmness but without violence, towards a Culture of Peace…” What has this 'global citizenship' been doing, apart from the civilian movements for Peace, to spur the political institutions towards a Culture of Peace? This article examines what has been done up to now by citizens around the world that have started a global movement called the GLOBAL ALLIANCE FOR MINISTRIES AND DEPARTMENTS OF PEACE and examines what is meant by Culture of Peace.

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global citizenship, culture of peace, departments of peace, ministry of peace, alternative peacebuilding

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