Vol. 1, No 2 (2010)

The opening article by Neuroscientist David Bueno presents a series of new data on the influence of genes on aggressive behaviour. In exploring a hitherto neglected field, Craig Zelizer develops an analytical model regarding the role of humour in peacebuilding in divided societies. The third article by Stean Auguste Nkumb Tshiband engages in a discussion of civilian peacekeeping as contrasted to multidimensional peacekeeping based on both practical and theoretical insights, and Vjeran Katunaric studies gender equality as a crucial element of peace culture in Croatia. In her article “Reciprocal recognition as a means of peaceful conflict transformation”, Sonia París makes a claim for nonviolent conflict settlement based on Axel Honneth’s theory of recognition. A legal perspective is employed by Eduardo Vázquez de Castro, who writes on mediation in consumer issues comparing Spanish and European legislation. The section PIONEERS is this time dedicated to the non-violent resistance of two Maori chiefs in 19th century New Zealand and draws a link between the politics of acts of resistance and faith-based justifications. Lastly, the issue’s PROFILE presents the Rotary Peace Foundation.

Taula de continguts



David Bueno
Craig Zelizer
Stean Auguste Nkumb Tshiband
Vjeran Katunaric
Sonia París Albert
Eduardo Vázquez de Castro


Ian Macduff


Dick Hazlehurst